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Chet's interest in craft began during the transition between schooling and career. Over the years, he has designed and built furniture as a hobby using the tools and wood available. The intervening years have been filled with civilian pastoral ministry and a career as an Army chaplain. The tug of working with wood and mastering the skills necessary to craft fine furniture were never far from his mind. Finally, a long standing desire for formal training led to the Professional Craft program at Haywood Community College. The years spent thinking about design and learning about furniture traditions and their legacies find expression in the shop daily.

soli deo gloria

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 With all the discussion and debate over the use of artisan and craftsman, I am with the growing number of folks who identify themselves simply as a maker. I make furniture and other items in wood and follow the simple directive of form follows function. I want everything that I make to be functional, pleasing to the eye and touch and an heirloom for families that will tie one generation to another. 

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."  William Morris

Member of South Carolina Artisans Guild

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I would love to help you with that special piece of furniture, accessory or accent that will meet a need and enrich your life.

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